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Should You Have A Storage Unit For Your Apartment In Indianapolis?

December 04, 2020

Apartment in Indianapolis

Are you faced with the fact that you have more stuff than square footage in your Indianapolis apartment? You might have downsized from a larger home, got a new hobby that requires storage space, or moved in with a roommate.
Regardless of the reason why, you can’t enjoy your favorite home activities in a packed place. Renting a storage unit in Indianapolis is one strategy, or you can consider a different idea, such as getting a separate garage at your apartment property so you can stow your belongings in a convenient location.
Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Minimize Clutter And Enjoy More Room In Your Indianapolis Apartment

Remember how spacious your apartment felt when you first called it home? Then you filled it with your possessions, and immediately the area got tighter. You still have that space. You just need to locate it under all your stuff!

The simple technique to find more space in your apartment is to designate things by putting them in one of three groups. Tag belongings as "donate," "keep," or "trash." Throw away any possession that lands in the trash pile. Set the stuff you decide to take to charity in boxes or take them to a family that can benefit from them. Then put in order the things you wish to keep. Chances are you’ll be shocked to discover how much available room you have when it’s not overwhelmed by clutter!

Storage space in a master bedroom closet.

Reorganize Clutter To Control the Chaos

You will often find that the difficulty isn’t how many things you have; it’s that your stuff isn’t where it should be. If you have clothes or personal effects sitting about , you likely won’t have a lot of available space. Simple organization goes a long way toward a more comfortable home.

Some floor plans provide more storage area than others, but even if you have limited square footage, there is likely enough room to store things if you get resourceful. You can often find room on the floor under the bed or within other furniture. Think about using vertical storage solutions like hanging systems on walls or doors. And invest in dual-purpose items like a coffee table with built-in shelving. Assigning a specific spot for all of your belongings will increase your livable area and keep your home tidier as well.

Outdoor storage in a Indianapolis apartment community.

Take Advantage Of Your Apartment Community’s Storage Space

You may discover that no level of organizing and picking up will resolve your storage space issues. If you have large or valuable items that you would like to hold on to but occupy too much room in your apartment, you may need to look for another place to store them.

Many Indianapolis apartment complexes now offer on-site storage space to Residents. Regardless of whether that’s detached garages, dedicated private storage units, or smaller lockers, if your complex provides any of these as an available option, make the most of it.

Even though it might cost you an additional charge, this option keeps your belongings close by and secure but no longer taking up your precious space. You might find this benefit is worth the added expense.


Reserve A Indianapolis Storage Unit

When other options won’t work, you will probably need to find a storage unit in another part of Indianapolis. Although this is the most expensive and least convenient solution, storage units have plenty of space to keep anything that won’t fit in your living area.

Storage units are ideal for items that require a climate-controlled space or if you are concerned about security. They are available in a range of dimensions, so you pay for as little or as big a unit as you need. An additional bonus: when moving within the same city, you don’t have to haul away all the stuff in your storage unit!


Find a Home That’s More Than Somewhere To Put Your Belongings In Indianapolis

One more consideration when the apartment you live in no longer accommodates your living activities and your things is moving to a new place! The spacious apartment floor plans and many amenities at Linden Square Village Apartments offer you the room you need to do what you enjoy most at home. Are you currently a Resident but excited to see other apartments? We make it easy to relocate within our buildings or to one of our sister properties. To select the best floor plan for you, reach out to our leasing specialists today by placing a call to 317-333-6914 or by using the “schedule a tour” button.