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How To Decide On A Lease Length In Indianapolis

October 27, 2020

Patio view in Indianapolis apartment

When you’re looking for a Indianapolis apartment, you have numerous questions to ponder. In what neighborhood would you like to move to? How much square footage is right for you? What are the basic amenities you need? And don’t forget, how long of a lease do you want?

Fortunately, it’s easy to decide lease length in Indianapolis when you consider the positives and downsides of short and lengthier leases. Keep reading to learn about these different lease choices and how to determine which is best for you. 

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Does A Short-Term Lease Make Sense?

Having trouble committing to a longer lease duration? A shorter agreement will likely be the smarter choice for you. These leases have a duration of six months or less. Short leases of one month are typically referred to as month-to-month contracts, meaning they run out and need to be renewed each month.

Shorter agreements offer Indianapolis renters the most flexibility because you aren’t under contract for very long. You probably need a short-term rental like this when in the middle of a significant life change like an unexpected job offer in a different town. One more circumstance you could benefit from a shorter rental is when you have sold your house but the new home is still being finalized.

The biggest drawback to monthly or short-term arrangements is that they typically cost more. Additionally, shorter lease deals are not as common, so you might have to settle for an apartment that isn’t ideal just to get the lease length you desire.

Short-term options are smart for Residents who know their living situation is temporary and have a plan in place for securing a home or longer-lasting solution.

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Should I Choose A Longer Lease?

Many people who are trying to decide on lease length in Indianapolis opt for a long lease. These arrangements commonly run up to two years and have a range of benefits.

Your monthly payments are usually more affordable. Long-term deals are also frequently available, so you can expect to locate an apartment you prefer when you’re receptive to longer leases.

The drawback to longer leases is the lack of flexibility. You are in agreement for a designated time frame. If your job or personal life changes abruptly, and you need to leave before the agreed-upon date, you are likely to pay a steep fee.

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How Do I Decide On The Best Lease Length for Me In Indianapolis?

The right lease term for you accommodates your current situation as well as your long-term expectations. You should answer the following questions to identify your needs and whether a short lease or long lease is right for you:

  • How many months do I expect to reside in my apartment?

  • How much can I afford for a few months?

  • Is there any reason I might have to relocate quickly and terminate the agreement?

  • In the unlikely scenario where I have to break a long lease, can I handle the additional charges?

  • Do I need a rental for a couple of months, or is a long-term rental the right decision?

  • What are the chances I will acquire a temporary lease in Indianapolis?

  • Would I accept a less ideal location in order to have the flexibility of a shorter lease agreement?

Get The Best Lease Length For You In Indianapolis

Whether you need somewhere to stay while dealing with an important life moment or a place to settle down and call home , Linden Square Village Apartments has ideal lease options for you. Schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable leasing agent by dialing 317-333-6914 or by using the “schedule a tour” button.