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Objects you can install in your apartment in Indianapolis

August 16, 2021
Model living room at Union Street Flats Apartments.

No matter if you just moved into your dream apartment or want to revamp your current place, there are a couple of devices you can install in your apartment in Indianapolis. As a general rule, you should steer clear of putting in objects that make a big hole or are permanent, like a new toilet. Your lease may also specify things you cannot perform. For other items, consult this guide before starting a self installation in your Indianapolis apartment.

Can I Hang A Wall-Mounted TV Or Surround Sound?

Most communities will be fine if you install a hanging TV on the wall so you can increase the shelf space on your shelves. The thing to think about for hanging items is that screws or brackets are ok, however, any holes that can’t be repaired by a spackle should be avoided. The rule also applies for floating surround sound speakers. Go and put up the stands, but steer clear from carving into the drywall to snake in the wires.

Can I Use Security Components In My Apartment In Indianapolis?

Even apartment dwellers who choose to live in a “good” area often want some sort of security, but not all security alarms and cameras are suitable for a rental unit. Some security systems require cutting walls to install wires. Also, you can’t take components with you when you leave. Or you may be charged at check-out to repair drywall damage. To get around this, use wireless security cameras and components that use batteries and link to uses its own network. Some apartment dwellers say they couldn’t live without the use of a doorbell with a camera.

Keypad locks are something else you may want to install in your apartment in Indianapolis yourself. Upgrading the locks on your apartment is probably against your rental agreement. If you can’t trust your current lock’s quality, consult the front office.

Model bedroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Should I Install A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans will keep you cool, but they may also cause trouble with apartment management if you put one in yourself. Residents should never install something that needs wiring. Your landlord won’t trust if you performed the install to code. They have to keep every Resident in your complex secure and guard their apartments from questionable DIY projects. Infringing against your rental rules in this way could result in penalties or worse.

If you want more air circulation or lights in your unit, plug-in fans and halogen lamps are your best bets. You may also have a discussion with the staff if you suspect your HVAC system isn’t running like it should. Or find a community that uses ceiling fans.

 Model bathroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Can I Get A Bidet Or Other Bathroom Fixture?

You may want to customize your unit’s bathroom to your tastes. However, apartment renters should not try major plumbing installations. Apartment pipe systems are complex, and one wrong move can affect each unit’s water pressure. So putting in a whole bidet will not be a great self install project.

There are still plenty of smaller upgrades you can make to your bathroom. If you want a bidet, use a bidet that connects to the tank of your toilet. For more comfortable showers, replace the existing shower head with a pressurized shower head.

Model laundry room

Can I Create More Apartment Storage?

Every apartment floor plan allows for a closet here and there, but most people still look for additional places to stash their stuff. Most storage items are perfect in apartment living as long as you won’t alter your current structures like built in shelves or create huge gaps. You can add wire shelving to closets, coat racks in your front rooms, or an added towel bar in the bathroom. Or try bracket shelves for books in your bedroom and a magnetic strip for knives on the kitchen wall.

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